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Sermo is the world's largest physician-only community web site where doctors can virtually meet to share and collaborate on difficult patient cases. As Sermo's Director of User Experience, I lead a team of designers whose role is to work closely with Product in defining, testing and designing the site's latest features, and newest products. I also work closely with Engineering, employing Agile methodology, to help bring those concepts to life. Additional information and work samples available upon request.


Bostonia online is one of Boston University’s flagship web sites, and is considered the gold standard for alumni magazine design and journalism. During my tenure overseeing the design and development of this award winning site, visitors and pageviews more than doubled.

Hey, editors! You want to know how to publish magazine features online? Bostonia, the magazine of BU, is inspirational....

Jason Pontin, Editor in chief of MIT's Technology Review; via Twitter, 2011

BU Library

The Boston University Libraries site overhaul is the University's largest online undertaking to-date, requiring two years and consolidation of 18+ individual branches into one main web site.

It was critical that I have a design lead that was not only a world class designer, but also had a deep working knowledge of the University landscape. Ben exceeded my expectations in all these areas.

Sam Roach, UX Generalist, UXCTRL


Boston University had a big problem: thousands of archived videos — lectures, speeches, videos by students, faculty, departments and colleges — but no way to host or share them. Nearly all of them in ancient formats just collecting virtual dust stored on closeted hard drives. Out of this was born the idea of BUniverse — a place where nearly any kind of video format could be uploaded, converted, stored and shared. Today, BUniverse hosts more than 4,600 videos with the most popular receiving nearly 50,000 views.

College of Engineering

Approachable and conversational may not be the two words that immediately come to mind when browsing an engineering website, but that's exactly what the BU College of Engineering site accomplishes. Most engineering sites try and cram too much information in too little space. We took a different approach — choosing one exciting engineering alum from each discipline and telling their story with limited copy and plenty of imagery. The attention span of a typical 17-year-old prospective student is measured in milliseconds, so we took what used to be paragraphs worth of text and simply started asking our prospects the questions they already had: What is aerospace engineering? What do aerospace engineers do? Why should I study aerospace at BU?

College of Communications

Administered by committee and lacking any organizational structure, 'communication' within Boston University's College of Communications website was a contradiction that was not lost on senior management. What followed was a complete redesign of the entire site including written content.

Career Development

Boston University's Career Development office services the university's 30,000 students providing workshops on career-related topics, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews, individual career counseling sessions, and internship or job search strategies. After years of neglect, it was suffering from page bloat and a lack of clear content focus and direction.